About us

With over two decades of experience in the UAE, Qatar and Oman regions, SGTC PRO is a leading business supporting over 150 AV Systems Integration companies with solutions ranging from basic to high-end designs, supply & technical support. SGTC PRO is at the forefront of all provisioning requirements for professional audio, visual and lighting solutions.

SGTC PRO has always partnered with the most reliable international suppliers. We work hand-in-hand with our System Integrator Clients to cover all their needs, ranging from system design, product supply and commissioning, to training and on-site support.

Our team includes a full slate of highly qualified and experienced system designers and in-house engineers that are dedicated to ensuring the complete fulfillment of our clients’ requirements.

Our area of expertise and delivered systems include projects such as airports, theme parks, shopping malls, educational institutions, corporate meeting rooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, hotels, retail stores, restaurants and other entertainment outlets.